Calculated Bets
Steven Skiena
Cambridge University Press

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In this book the author explain his profitable betting system for Jai-Alai. It is easy to read. All methods wher explain well. Chapter Three contain a very good introduction to Monte Carlo Simualtion.

The contents and an overview of the chaptes you can get from the site

Betting Thoroughbreds : A Professional's Guide for the Horseplayer
Steve Davidowitz
Taschenbuch (April 1997) Plume Books;

Betting Horses to Win (Horse Players' Winning Guides)
Les Conklin, Conklin
Wilshire Publications.

More Basic Betting: Programming to Win
James Jasper, Jim Jasper

Sports betting : a computer expert's winning secrets for betting on baseball and football

Thoroughbred Handicapping: State of the Art
by William L. Quirin

Handicapping by Example
by William L. Quirin

Dr. Z's Beat the Racetrack
by William T. Ziemba, Donald B. Hausch